I Hate Politics!

Trump or Killary

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When did politics in America become such a circus sideshow? Every time I see Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton on the new I am saddened, disgusted and quite frankly, embarrassed that this our election process. It is worse than some high school drama between a bunch of teenage girls. I wonder how either one of them have made it as far as they have.

Trump has made billions as a businessman and ran multimillion dollar corporations with great success, but does that qualify him to run the country?


  •        Natural Born Citizen – Queens New York
  •        Must be over 35 years of age – 70
  •        Must be a US resident for the past consecutive 14 years – check

So technically I guess he’s qualified.  His successes are very impressive and a part of me wonders if he ran the country the way he ran his businesses would it be a success? Maybe, maybe not. All entrepreneurs know that with success come failure. Trump failed many times but his tenacity kept him going and success was his reward. That’s a pretty good characteristic for leading this country.

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New Best Friend

Thanks Big Valley


After all of my crazy political talk around town and online I finally found a great business that shares my exact opinions! Just wanted to give them a shout out real quick. So visit them here http://bigvalleytowing.net . Lame post I know but these guys deserve a good write up. They provide some of the most professional and affordable towing services in the great state of Nevada.

Impeach Me Baby!

2016 Rant! Ready Set Go!

A guy that works at my Father’s Towing Company in Las Vegas (Click Here) wrote this article for me when he found out I started a crazy political view blog. I told you I would post it so here it is Bill! Oh and thanks by the way.

The dictionary’s definition of impeachment is the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something. This doesn’t seem so bad, right? But when you combine this word with “The President”, it takes on a whole new feeling. All of the sudden it is a word with immense power that generates fear and scuttlebutt. Also, many people think if you impeach the president that means he’s gone, outta here, sayonara. This is not entirely the case. The initial calling into question, or impeachment, comes from the House of Representatives. The House investigates and holds hearings. Once the Impeachment process is complete then trials are held in the U.S. Senate to convict or acquit the President of charges drawn againsNixont him.

Andrew Johnson was the first President to be impeached. He was acquitted of the charges and remained in office. In 1974 the House began proceedings to impeach President Nixon. President Nixon resigned before the final impeachment took place. The next President in line for this heinous accusation was President Clinton. He was also acquitted of the criminal charges brought against him.

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Lets all just get along right?

Get Along Lil’ Doggie?


Wrong! Just doesn’t happen like that. Great idea and I for one agree we should collectively come together as one. Stupidity reigns in this day and age for sure!

Why can’t we like each other?

Well i have no idea why. I think the man upstairs kinda set us up to interact this way right? Know one really knows what the heck is going on up there, so lets not assume any one person knows the answer OK.

What happens is the amount of variation from one being to the next drives a bit of jealousy or revenge. It just IS this way.

My theory is to combat this wild behavior, all humans on planet earth should force themselves to do a little self development. I have done quite a bit of this and let me tell you it has opened my eyes and healed many emotional wounds i was carrying around with me for a very long time.

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